Exciting times ahead! I joined Esso at their launch event for the new Synergy Fuels and that provided the perfect setting to announce my upcoming UK tours in partnership with the fuel brand, as well as fitting in a quick interview with McLaren-Honda F1 driver, Jenson Button!

We also got to enjoy entertainment from UDI from Britain's Got Talent before I spoke to Jenson about my 675LT and his P1. Full information about the tours in partnership with Esso will be launching soon, in the mean time here is a summary:

007 Lived Here:
In early November we'll be up to Scotland for a meet-up in Edinburgh before travelling the country searching out a number of Bond venues and locations from the films.

Speed Lives Here:
Kicking off in Birmingham in late November it's over to Wales for visits to two automotive venues before turning back up to Liverpool. We then cross to the Isle of Man and check out the TT race circuit before returning to the mainland and wrapping up in Blackpool.

Best Driving Roads Live Here:
In December we kick off in Bristol for a route throughout Wales taking in some of the very best roads the country has to offer before heading up towards Bentley and BAC for factory visits before the final meetup in Manchester.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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27 de out. de 2015

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