IN-DEPTH LOOK: Aston Martin DB10 from SPECTRE - Walkaround, Onboard Ride

An exclusive opportunity to jump onboard the Aston Martin DB10, a car wholly created to feature in the upcoming James Bond movie, SPECTRE.

Only 10 models of the DB10 exist, two of which are seen here with one 'Hero' model with full interior trim, and one 'Stunt' car for all the fun stuff! Firstly I show you around the exterior and interior of the DB10 before jumping onboard with Mark Higgins for a ride at Millbrook Proving Ground.

The DB10 has been created by Aston Martin specifically for the movie and hints towards future model's design language, while carrying the familiar V8 soundtrack we have come to love.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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Duração 16:49
Postado 27 de out. de 2015
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