McLaren took the wraps off the 675LT Spider, and I've received thousands of comments and messages asking me if I'm sad I didn't wait for it... well... surprise, I ordered one as well as my 675LT Coupe!

As explained in the video, it's a controversial car, the LT was supposed to be limited to 500 cars, coupe form only, and now there will be 1,000 in total with both coupe and convertible form available. However, if they were going to do it, I wasn't going to miss out, and as usual I placed my order 6 months ago at McLaren Manchester for my Spider. It's far too early days to know my spec, options, or whether my Spider will replace my Coupe or be alongside it, I just wanted to let you know I've ordered one.

As I also mentioned, I'll be at McLaren Manchester on Saturday 12th December, next week, with my LT to meet with anybody who is able to make it along! Full details will be available on my Instagram and Facebook pages shortly before the weekend.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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24 de dez. de 2015

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