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California Custom: Barry's Speed Shop -- Mustang Countdown


Barry White has been building custom street rods and muscle cars for more than 25 years. Today as the owner and founder of Barry's Speed Shop, he and his team service cars for clients and build two to three completely new cars every year.

Over the past decade Barry has seen a shift in his clientele and the types of cars they want to buy. Classic 1960s-era cars like the first-generation Ford Mustang have always been popular, but the customer base has gotten younger, people want cars with vintage looks and everyday drivability.

Many of the cars that emerge from Barry's Speed Shop today feature modern powertrains, suspension and brakes that go, turn and stop faster than anything emerged from a pre-1970 assembly line. Best of all with fuel injection, rack and pinion steering and big disk brakes the engines fire up every morning without hesitation and speed can be quickly dissipated. Check out more of Barry's work at http://www.barrywhitesrrc.com/index.html

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