For more than a century, the automobile and the city of Detroit have grown up together, each influencing the other. Throughout the highs and lows, the cars and the community have been chronicled at Detroit Historical Museum which is located in the city's cultural center.

One of the stars of the museum's collection is the 1963 Ford Mustang II concept. The Mustang II debuted 50 years ago at the United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, New York. Produced from one of the development prototypes for the upcoming production model, it gave the world its first real preview of what the 1965 Mustang would look like.

The industry and the city that is home to it have been through many difficult periods of the years, but both are currently experiencing a renaissance by refocusing on the fundamentals. The mix of startup businesses like Shinola and classic elements of the city are drawing new residents and entrepreneurs, just as the auto industry is coming back with an emphasis on great products.

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22 de out. de 2015

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